DIY: iPod Dock From Reused Parts and Leftover Chicken 3

DIY: iPod Dock From Reused Parts and Leftover Chicken 3

Jul 31, 2009

Hello ) In our last installment, I turned some scrap aluminum into a backplate and heatsink for our iPod dock. The leftover MDF was cut to the same size as the original speakers and we soldered up our new amp. This week we spring a few surprises and start to tie it all down...

Last time I did not discuss how this dock would be turned on. You can see a cool switch in the top image- the switch itself is something I bought from an electronics salvage store a few years ago. I have used them for a few projects- they are super cool and antique looking. Well, they're antique.

The mounting plate was necessary to attach it to the aluminum plate on the back of the dock. I started by cutting a piece of aluminum that I had lying around. I had to cut this strange slot in it because the round ball on the toggle switch is not removable. This meant it had to be slid into position from the side:

It's a bit beat up, but a coat of wrinkle finish will hide all of that and make it look that much older:

Finishing up the backplate/heatsink from last week, I drilled out all of the holes and ground out the logo with a Dremel tool. I am not sure whether this will look right in the end but the wrinkle finish will be used again to help with inconsistencies in the grinding.

After I drilled everything out I got a wild hair up my something or other and decided to connect the dots:

...And all smoothed out (a little bit of bondo never hurt anyone):

And on to another little surprise... A while back I built a subwoofer and asked for suggestions on finishing it. Someone mentioned using leather... so here it is:

Here is the finished quilting with the industrial felt backing:

And here is a label that I use for my bag line- decided to throw it in for that professional look. You could just remove a label from an old pair of jeans or something to complete this approach:

So there you have it, all done... k, maybe a few things left- keep your eyes peeled for the exciting conclusion to this series.

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