DIY Kit Shows You What Life Would Be Like If House Plants Could Type

DIY Kit Shows You What Life Would Be Like If House Plants Could Type

Taryn Williford
Oct 30, 2008

Here at Unplggd, we're all about talking in first person plural how technology can help you manage and enjoy a beautiful and welcoming home. And if you read the post about the creepy Plantbot that moves your houseplants about your house to catch sunlight, you'll know we'll consider going to some less-than-proud extremes of that technology to get a little greenery in our scenery. Thank heavens we won't have to anymore. The DIY Plant Twitter Kit will keep our plants alive and our black thumbs in check in a less-creepy-but-more-friggin'-weird way—yes, using Twitter. Take a look at this geeky-looking gizmo after the jump...

The DIY Plant Twitter Kit comes unassembled, so you'll have to break out the soldering iron and get to work.

Once your gizmo is assembled, connect it to the Internet through the built-in ethernet jack, jam the leads into the plant's soil, and subscribe to your plant's twitter feed (Did that last part sound as weird to us as it did to everybody else?). It will tell you when it needs watering, or scold you if you've overwatered it, and report its status in between.

What do you think? Are typing plants more or less creepy than the Plantbot (You have go go see the animation in our old post before you can truly have an opinion)? More or less effective than the pot that tells you when your plant's upset?

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