DIY Beds Made From Pipe

DIY Beds Made From Pipe

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 20, 2009

Making a bed for our kids or even ourselves can often be a less expensive option, and although wood is the natural standard, it's not always the easiest to deal with. Beds made from pipe allow for easy dismantling and can change from room to room or even move to college someday! Click through the jump to check out some of our favorites!

Several of our favorite beds are those which are made from pipe. We're big advocates of using pipe in our own spaces, it's wicked sturdy and isn't horribly expensive. When you chose to use pipe you are allowing yourself some freedom down the road.

First, you have the ability to dismantle the bed when your child either grows out of it or decides not to use it, and store it with ease. Plus the extra pipe can always be re-cut to different lengths you might be able to utilize other places in your space.

Second, pipe is sturdy enough to hold grown adults hoisted in the air as well as children and it doesn't require being bolted to the wall. Perfect for renters or those who aren't 100% sold on a floor plan for their space. A traditional wooden loft will need to be anchored to the wall in some way, which in the long run will require some attention. A structure from pipe if secured correctly won't need to be wall anchored and gives you the ability to move the loft around the room or even to a different one.

Here's a few of our favorites from Instructables:

  • Pipe Dream Bed: Although this bed isn't lofted to the ceiling, it would allow for a trundle underneath or a pull out storage. If a twin or full is required simply shorten the pipe accordingly in the horizontal measurements.

  • Aluminum Pipe Bed: If you're looking for something that stands alone and isn't meant to be against a wall, this is the bed you're looking for. It is tall and could even be modified further to create storage at the top of the 4 posts if serving a child who wouldn't need the extra space above their heads. The yellow boxes on the picture above are to remind you to install supports before assembling the entire bed!

  • Pipe Loft Bed: We would be lying if we didn't say this bed caught us off guard slightly. When it comes to beds, you typically think of hard supports beneath the box spring or mattress to hold you up. But not in this case. For this bed, you build this super simple structure and then use ratcheting straps (tested up to 1000lbs/strap) to hold the mattress and box spring up. Be sure to check out the full tutorial on this one as it's full of great tips including how it's tested daily for durability as it also doubles as a place to do pull ups for the owner. As a bonus, it also used the least amount of pipe and will most likely be the most inexpensive of all the beds featured here today.

  • Pipe Loft Bed - Galvanized Steel: This bed utilizes the same idea as above, but is made from different pipe. There were also a few different structural differences with some added support wires on one side. It also employs a different type of strap without a ratchet to make the project more inexpensive.

    Thanks so very much to the individuals who took time to record their endeavors at Instructables, where you can find one diy idea after another!

    (Images via Instructables)

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