Organizing DIYs Based on How Much Makeup You Actually Have

published Jan 25, 2017
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There’s nothing more aggravating than a messy makeup system. When you have eyeshadows separated between drawers, lipsticks rolling around aimlessly, bronzers tossed into corners, and bottles of foundation stuffed onto shelves, it can be a nightmare to try and get ready. And if you still haven’t recovered from the whirlwind of parties and traveling from the holidays, chances are that space is looking a little more rough than usual.

If you’ve always struggled to tidy up your bathroom and failed when it came to keeping your vanity clean after putting on your face, then these hacks might help. Below are a series of bathroom DIYs that will get your makeup drawer finally in order. It’s time to create the little beauty haven you’ve always wanted.

If you have… a small capsule of makeup:

When you have only a small amount of makeup—or have a capsule of specific products you use daily and don’t want to rummage through drawers to get to them—then these are the solutions for you.

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Create an Easy-Reach Magnet Board

Try making a magnet board, inspired by the (sadly unavailable) one above from Magnetic Metal on Etsy, to keep your most-used products all handy and in plain view. Start with a metal surface, then glue magnets to the back of your most-used products. Not only will it make your makeup application faster, but it’ll be a breeze to keep tidy—all you have to do is snap the product back into place!

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Repurpose Plastic Drawer Storage

Rather than keeping office supplies or loose ends in those ubiquitous (and cheap!) clear storage cabinets, label each drawer with a specific feature and divide your small army of cosmetics into their allotted sections. To keep things tidy on the inside, you can buy dollar store pencil baskets to keep your makeup from sliding around.

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Stick Containers to the Back of the Mirror

If it’s just a couple wands of mascara, favorite lipsticks, and a small smattering of concealer bottles you want to organize, consider mounting them onto the inside of your mirror cabinet—with something like Stick on Pods, above, or just dollar-store containers and Command strips—to keep them tidy.

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If you have… a medium-sized supply of makeup:

If you have a fair supply of brushes, palettes, foundations and more, then you might need a little more wiggle room. Here are some bathroom hacks to keep all your cosmetics in their proper place.

Repurposed Candle Jars

Rather than tossing your used candle jars, transform them into easy-to-reach counter storage that’s earmarked for your growing collection of lipsticks, glosses, and liners. Ann Le has a video to show you how it’s done.

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Use Ice Cube Trays

Keep your selection of single eyeshadow pots from swishing around inside the depths of your makeup drawer by separating each color into its own ice-cube section, as seen here on Refinery 29.

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Turn A Nail Polish Rack Into A Makeup Shelf

For a little less than 40 dollars you can display your collection of makeup in an immaculate and easy-to-see way by repurposing a nail polish rack (like the kind you see in salons) into an everything rack, just like Lisa Pullano showed off on Instagram. You’ll no longer be shuffling to find that one rogue red lipstick or wondering where your favorite bronzer went to.

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Prop Up Palettes on a Dish Rack

Eye shadow palettes stack easy enough, but if you’d like to keep a better eye on your growing collection of shimmer (and mattes, and… you get the picture), snag an inexpensive dish rack, mail sorter or file sorter and place your palettes in the slots, like Slashed Beauty shows here.

If you have… a massive collection of makeup:

If you have more makeup than a runway would know what to do with, then these heavy duty hacks will help you get your supply under control.

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Link Up Drawer Dividers for an Array of Lipstick

YouTuber Futilities and More connects a bunch of cheap dollar store drawer dividers to create a drawer insert that’s perfect for separating almost 200 lipsticks into neat little compartments.

Fill Up a Spice Rack For Your Liquids

If you have a bevvy of different foundations and concealers, keep them well displayed by transforming a spice rack into a makeup display with a bit of spray paint, like @thebeautyacct did.

Use Plant Holders For Makeup Brushes

Too many makeup brushes for one tiny cup? IKEA saves the day again, this time in the form of a plant tray (SOCKER, $39.95). Instead of filling it with succulents, bookmark each section for a specific type of makeup brush, like @iampriscillale did here.