DIY Oilcloth Laundry Bag

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There is absolutely no extra room in our bathroom for a laundry hamper. Still, I wanted a place for dirty towels and other whites before they make their trip to the washing machine. So I pulled out the trusty sewing machine and a couple yards of oilcloth and made a hanging laundry bag.

This laundry bag is based on the same concept as the oilcloth storage tote I blogged about a few months ago. For a detailed, step by step how-to, visit that old post.

I wanted my laundry bag to be a long, rectangular receptacle that would hang on a hook in the space beside the radiator in our bathroom. I measured and cut the four side pieces and the bottom piece plus the two handles. After folding over and sewing the top seam on all four side pieces, I stitched the handles to the front and back panels. Next, I sewed the bottom piece to all four side pieces, inside out. Then, I stitched together all the side pieces. At this point I had my bag, inside out. After turning the bag right-side-out, I topstitched the side and bottom seams and that’s it! Now I have a new hanging laundry bag!