DIY Organizational Solutions When Retail Isn't An Option

DIY Organizational Solutions When Retail Isn't An Option

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 26, 2009

Often times buying something off the shelf isn't on our radar. Whether it's because of budget restraints or other reasons, sometimes that extra little something for your home, really isn't on your list of priorities. That's why we rounded up a few great storage and organizational ideas that you could mimic yourself at home with a little inginuity. Click through the jump to see our suggestions on making these great organizational helpers at home with very little out of pocket cost!

The following products (and photos) are from Brylane Home. The products featured aren't horribly priced (we have used them before for several orders of things we can't find locally), so if DIY isn't your thing, just click through to see the retail price on each item.

  • Slim-Jim 6-shelf Rolling Pantry: $79.98 A slim shelf can help hold things that might normally be shoved to the back of your pantry. A wooden bookshelf from Craigslist or a garage sale might do the trick in a DIY version. Pick up casters for the bottom and you are all set.

  • Guest Storage Ottoman: While DIY-ing this one might require a bit more metal work than we'd like, we still think a simpler version of this is easily thrown together. Ottomans in need of recovering, trunks and chests are easily found on Craigslist or thrift stores. Add a hinge if needs be, some fabric and you have the perfect place to stash guest accommodations, even if they will be sleeping on the couch. A pillow, set of sheets, blanket and set of towels would be easily stored inside. Throw in a mint for their pillow and you'll never be scrambling or digging through your linen closet when you have company!

  • Rolling Pet Food Bins: As any pet owner (who has either multiple animals or large animals) will tell you, the storage of the food can be a bit cumbersome. The products made to hold it aren't exactly attractive or convenient. While on the other hand, the things that look pretty, aren't really practical or affordable. Why not use something practical (this bin is under $10 at most major big box stores with out wheels) and add wheels to it. If it bothers you, you could always make a box for it to sit inside? Or look into small metal trash cans from the farm supply store or Home Depot nearest you. They come in several sizes and wouldn't require any additional modifications other than the addition of wheels to make them functional!

  • Plastic Bag Holder: Although most of us are bringing bags with us for most of our purchases, there are those times where we are caught without. All you need to make a simple bag holder is an empty (and clean) milk jug. Choose the size that fits your bag usage (gallon or half) and simply cut the top off. You want the hold to be large enough to fit your fingers in to retrieve a bag, but not so big they spring out like stuffed snakes in a can. The jug can be mounted to the inside of your cabinet door using 3M quick release strips. It's really as easy as that.

  • Expandable Drying Rack: For anyone who has ever had more than 1 load of clothes that hang to dry can tell you, sometimes the regular racks, just don't provide enough space. Mainly because hanging adult clothes on them eliminates the use of some of the bars due to their size. But take your regular drying rack, turn it on it's side and you have new found usable space. Mounting would depend on the area where it will be used. Something that can't have a permanent location, or mount to at least one wall will need a bit more creativity. But simple hooks anchored into the wall should suffice if your laundry area is small enough!

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