You Can Use This Under-$10 Item From Your Bathroom To Make a Plant Pot

updated Mar 23, 2021
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Magazine racks, toilet seat covers, and ornate tissue box holders might be relics of bathrooms past, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out. In fact, you might even want to seek out the latter at your local Goodwill or thrift store.

One Twitter user, Una, came up with a genius hack to house their houseplants, and it required some out-of-the-(tissue)-box thinking.

Step one: Find a porcelain tissue box holder that suits you and your home. Step two: Turn it upside down. Step three: Cover the opening (that you’d normally pluck tissues from) with a potato bag (or any canvas-y material that water can seep through). Step four: Add your favorite houseplant, some soil, and water.

“I never truly realized how many tissue box holders are at Goodwills but it’s way more than the amount of pots,” Una said in a threaded follow-up tweet. Other users hopped in her mentions, calling the hack “clever” and “genius as funk”. The holders are generally six inches by six inches, Una adds, which makes them “perfect for smaller buddies,” like aloe plants.

And tissue holders aren’t the only items you can repurpose as planters. A plastic basket from the dollar store makes a surprisingly boho option; test tubes make for a small-space propagation station; and this charming brass hanging planter is perfect for succulents. You could even use creepy old doll heads for a goth vibe.