Plumbing Pipe Design Roundup: From Barn Doors to Bedframes

Plumbing Pipe Design Roundup: From Barn Doors to Bedframes

Leah Moss
Jul 9, 2012

Plumbing pipes are the hardcore darlings of the DIY world, and thanks to you, internet, the uses keep expanding. I'm actually starting to wonder whether there's anything that can't be made from this hardware store staple. Before you yell, "boo, we're so over the pipe," peruse the list and tell us what we've left out.

1. We will start by giving due credit to Morgan of The Brick House for helping the pipe trend go viral with her Ace Hotel inspired shelves.
2. Michael McHale's Industrial Chic Lighting has inspired many DIY versions across the blogosphere, but I still like his the best.
3. I love Sarah Rae's modern (and cheap!) take on the ever-popular barn door.
4. Why yes, that is, a plumbing pipe menorah you're seeing. Hanukkah never looked so hardcore. Find out how here.
5. Former Apartment Therapy blogger, Amy Azzarito, first shared this pipe canopy bed tutorial in 2008, and I've been wanting to make mine every since.

6. I may be the one girl one planet who doesn't have a shoe collection, but if I did I'd be flaunting it on these cool shoe racks. The same set up can be used for book storage on a wall that may not be wide enough for readymade shelves.
7. Back in 2008, before your local hardware store had its own facebook page or your toddler debuted her art blog, one reader sent in a picture of her friends' pipe railing. Still cool techno-decades later. Now let's talk about being up to code...
8. I've seen tons of clothing shops pick up on this cool display trend, but I still like is best in Mike's Surprising Student Studio House Tour.
9. There are approximately ten million and one variations on this versatile pot rack idea, which is part of the appeal. Find out how at This Old House.
10. Sturdy pipes make sturdy bases, which means if you have a great top, you've got yourself a great table. The size is easy to customize too, so you can start thinking about desks and kitchen islands too. I love this one from Frugal Farmhouse.

OK, so what pipe projects are we missing?

(Images: 1: Morgan/The Brick House, 2: Michael McHale Designs, 3: Sarah Rae Trover for Apartment Therapy, 4: ManMade, 5: Apartment Therapy, 6: Instructables, 7: Apartment Therapy, 8: Apartment Therapy, 9: This Old House, 10: Frugal Farmhouse)

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