DIY Project: Cheaply Assemble Entertainment Center

DIY Project: Cheaply Assemble Entertainment Center

Range Govindan
Jul 7, 2009

Times are tough, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend no money. You just have to spend what money you have at your disposal smartly. This is why we thought that this Ikea hack was really nifty. The purpose of this project is to build a home entertainment center to house a home theater system, including an HDTV and other devices.

To assemble your own entertainment center, you'll need to visit your Ikea free scrap bin. The idea is to get there with a plan. So we suggest perusing the Ikea site to find an entertainment center that suits your living room or thinking about how bookcases could be repurposed as entertainment centers. The idea is to have a general plan. Once that's done and you've got the basic idea, it's time to go to Ikea, but only to scrounge about in the free scrap bin. Sure the pieces that you'll find might have some faults, but there are simple ways of hiding those. One of the easiest is just turning them the other way, hiding them from view.

This entertainment center was assembled by Jim. He says that it's basically an Ikea Expedit bookcase, but it's been reconfigured and modified as an entertainment center with an Asian style. Like mentioned before, this was completely assembled using Ikea free scrap. The only exception was the backing board, which was made out of two medium gray mat boards from a local art supply store. This set Jim back $12.49. Jim went as far as finding the Allen screws and Ikea Billy shelf pins he needed form the scrap bin. We think that it looks great. It's amazing to see how easily this was assembled thanks to Ikea free scap bin. It's a great way to reuse furniture and make it your own at minimal costs. [via Ikea Hacker, photos by Jim]

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