Make Your Own Custom Lamp Out of Ikea Parts

Make Your Own Custom Lamp Out of Ikea Parts

Range Govindan
Aug 4, 2009

So you are moving again or changing the look of your place. You've decided that a particular piece of furniture or lamp isn't going to make it into the new place. However before you throw it out, you need to examine it. Examine the parts it's made of, because you never know what you can make out of stuff that you would just store or give away.

Surtido de Mutaciones was a challenge to some designers to come up with new products using Ikea parts. The Spanish phrase translates into "range of mutations". Basically, they had to see Ikea furniture as parts to make new devices. Yonoh design studio came up with something really neat. It's a lamp that can be assembled using different Ikea parts. To make this lamp, you don't need a lot. You need a base, five strips of wood, the bulb in a lamp shade and some screws.

You'll need a screwdriver to put it all together, but this project is just an idea. You can up with loads of new things to do with old Ikea furniture. We love Ikea, but it's true that people like to change their stuff. Getting some spare parts in order to create new things should be pretty easy. You can always visit the free rubbish bin at Ikea to get some interesting bits. Nothing stops you from also examining your old furniture and lights to see what you can salvage to make something new. You can also use other furniture, not just Ikea furniture parts. What we really like about this lamp is that it's really simple to make. The other thing is that it is extensible. Since the pieces of wood are screwed together end to end, they can but extended quite far. By modifying this plan, you can easily make floor lamps as well.

[via Sub Studio, photos via Yonoh and Surtido]

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