The DIY Table Tech Concealment Project

The DIY Table Tech Concealment Project

Campbell Faulkner
Jul 19, 2010

Unplggd has covered numerous methods for hiding cords from your electronic gear. Yet another compelling method is using furniture to stash all of your silicon gadgetry. Normally, furniture is used only to block someone from viewing your tangle of wires. Instead, we suggest using a table with a table skirt to hide and organize your stuff.

The table skirt and its companion table both take some skill to assemble. Neither of these items is an off-the-shelf purchase, but can be assembled with some time and searching. We do not include the price of materials due to the wide variability of the wood and fabric involved.

Table Construction:
The table is made from two pieces of plywood, a 4 x 4 post, and smaller 4 x 4 triangles to reinforce the table. If you have the carpentry skills and tools available, this is an easy 2 hour build. Baring the ability, most home improvement stores would be happy to cut the wood to your specified dimensions, allowing you to nail or screw the table together at home. The design of your table can be round, square, or any shape in-between.

The next step is to procure a glass top for your table. Contact a window installation company; even if they cannot supply you with the glass, they can point you to who can. Most often, they will have remnants that can be cut to size relatively cheaply. Once your top is cut to size, the next step is to make the skirt.

Skirt Construction:
If you happen to know someone who is handy with a sewing machine, this is the easiest route for the table skirt. When measuring for your material, make sure to leave enough excess so that you are not left with a high water skirt around your table. I suggest lining the skirt with stiff cotton to give the table skirt durability and structure. Once that is completed, just throw the skirt over the table and place the glass on top.

Electronics Concealment:
Once your new table is complete, arrange your electronics on the base of the table, plug everything in, and snake the few cords you need out the back. This setup is particularly suited for wireless routers and makes it easy to have your equipment in the heart of your home without clutter.

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