DIY Project The LEGO USB Stick: Converting One Brick at a Time

DIY Project The LEGO USB Stick: Converting One Brick at a Time

Range Govindan
Nov 14, 2008

We've all been mad about LEGO bricks. I remember when I was young, LEGO bricks were all the rage. There is something about LEGO bricks that reminds us deeply of our childhoods. That's probably why people adore the bricks and are extremely happy to share them with their own children. Now we've seen a bunch of LEGO stuff out there, but nothing beats this little DIY LEGO USB stick.

DIY enthusiast Ian Hampton decided to combine two great things. USB flash drives and LEGO bricks. To build this together, you only need steady hands, super glue and some household tools. Nothing too fancy. This makes this one easy build, perfect for anyone to try out. Worse comes to worse, you'll have a few broken LEGO bricks.

In order to hide your USB drive in LEGOs, you'll need to create a larger LEGO brick. This all depends upon the size of your USB drive. The smaller it is, the less bricks you need to put together. You'll need a pen knife and pliers to customize the brick. The parts are stuck together with super glue. Even more customizing is needed in order to fit the USB drive into your brick. The USB drive needs to be disassembled beforehand. Clear silicone is used to secure the USB stick in the brick. Clear silicone enables light to shine through.

We thought that this little build is great. It makes your USB drive very distinctive from any other. It's like the Pink Eraser USB drive we featured a while ago.

Click here to read his step-by-step guide over at Instructables. [photos by Ian Hampton]

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