DIY Project: Trompe L’oeil Tufted Headboard

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If I post one more DIY headboard idea, I’m scared I might be dubbed that crazy headboard lady. Alas, when I find great easy projects like this one, I feel it is my duty as an Apartment Therapy contributor to bring it to your attention. So, while risking my good name, here is a fun paint project that can quickly add a headboard to a bedroom that desperately needs one.

With some painters tape, a paint pen and a steady hand, this bed now has a sophisticated looking yet playful headboard. Style At Home recommends painting the area surrounding the headboard a dark matte color, but I’m curious to see if painting a dark colored headboard (detailed with a light colored paint pen) would be just as successful. Whatever color you choose, be sure to note that part of what makes this all work is how the bedside table matches the headboard adding to the trompe l’oiel effect.

Head over to Style At Home | Paint project: Headboard for full instructions as well as a button tufting design template.

(Image credit: Angus Fergusson / Style At Home)