DIY Rubber Hose Chair

DIY Rubber Hose Chair

Trent Johnson
Aug 12, 2009

This rubber hose chair by Instructables user Wholman looks really comfy and consists of little more than an aging, leaky air hose, 4 threaded steel rods, and some scrap plywood. See how it was made for less than $15 after the jump ...

The hose he used is an air hose that connects air compressors to nail guns, paint sprayers, or other air "appliances." Eventually, these hoses wear out developing leaks and cracks. Instead of throwing them away, why not turn it into a chair?

This Instructables shows you how:

Step 1: Creating the Frame

  • Two L-shaped pieces were cut out of single 3/4" plywood. Scraps or other wood could be used as well.

Step 2: Drill the Holes
  • Holes the same diameter of the hose were drilled in order to "thread" the hose through the chair. The author did the math on how much tubing would be required to go back and forth, and calculated the number of holes accordingly. Holes were then drilled for the metal rods which hold the chair together.

Step 3: Finishing:
  • The author sanded the edges, and even used a router to make it look nice before applying some polyurethane.

Step 4: Attaching the Hose
  • One end of the hose is attached to the chair and the rest of the hose is threaded through the holes like a shoelace.

Via Instructables.
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