Reader Project: DIY Shadow Puppet Theater

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ohdeedoh reader, Amber, sent us an e-mail telling us about a great shadow puppet theater she worked on. What a classic toy — and a beautiful creation, too…

The shadow puppet theater was inspired by Amber’s love for magical moments and time to wind down and think about the day. She writes, “The lights went down and we strung our theater between two chairs. My daughter put on most of the show, because my son was just mesmerized by it all. We started trying out new puppets to see what kind of shadows they cast, and once we got going there was no stopping us. The possibilities were endless Quite the perfect venue for open play.”

Her materials for the theater include:

• Freezer paper
• Elmer’s Glue
• Masking tape
• Textile paint or acrylic
• A sponge brayer
• Fabric that will let a little light through; Amber used muslin
• Tulle (optional)

Thank you for sharing, Amber.

We love seeing your projects! Do you have a great one you’d like to share? Please e-mail us: nursery at apartmenttherapy dot com.