5 DIY Smartphone Solar Power Charging Solutions

5 DIY Smartphone Solar Power Charging Solutions

Range Govindan
Oct 4, 2011

If there's one thing we've learned, having a portable power source is practically a necessity when we're traveling, out and about. Of course, there are plenty of readymade battery pack options out there. But how about making your own solar powered charger pack?

1. DIY Solar USB Charger The solar panels in this build were harvested from those little backyard lanterns. The rest of the materials were also salvaged. The result is a small, foldable solar charger that is supposed to work well when there's no power available.

2. Mod Your Phone for Solar Power If you've got a cheap phone lying around, then you could convert it to solar power, but modifying it. It's not an easy process, as some of the other hacks, but the end result is a self-sustaining phone that will rarely need a charge.

3. The AA Solar Travel Charger This cute little charger is also housed in an Altoids tin and it only costs $5 to create. You can get all of the required parts from Browndoggadgets. The whole kit that you'll need is available here for $9.99.

4. MightyMintyBoost This hack takes the famous Altoids can to the next level, by incorporating solar power charging capabilities. It's fun, small, and discreet. Creating it will require some technical knowhow, but it won't break the bank.

5. The $4 Solar Battery Charger This 30-minute project is categorized as "easy", so almost everyone should be able to assemble something like this. If you have problems and you end up breaking stuff, it's no biggie since the overall cost for this project is only $4.

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(Images: Instructable users Corrugator Superciliii, Joshua Zimmerman, and Flickr user Don't Lose Your Lunch via CC License)

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