DIY: Spooky Swann Security System, Part 3

DIY: Spooky Swann Security System, Part 3

Oct 31, 2008

What better way to be prepared for those Halloween hooligans than to have a security system installed? Forget the candy, you can just hang back and watch the little childrens' frustration as they fruitlessly peck away at your doorbell, crying at the tops of their little voices. Maybe catch the occasional attempts at trickery on film to be later paraded around on FOX news as examples of how parent involvement is sorely lacking in the youth educational equation.

We told you about our neighbor issues in the first installment of this series (the owl one) and we have some minor updates to that story:

If you recall; we have one neighbor who believes it is our responsibility to inform him when we water our lawn so that he can move his car away from the devastatingly deleterious droplets. This guy tends to retaliate when this totally reasonable request is not honored so we were in a bit of a pickle. This security system is part of the solution to that problem but we also are attacking this from other fronts:

We installed a timer on our sprinkler system and now the whole thing turns on by itself at two different times during the night. This means that if he wants to park his car in front of our house, he will only have a five hour block to leave it there before it has to be moved. We also set the time of sprinkle to 5:30 am, which is exactly 30 minutes before his normal wake up time- makes moving the car very incovenient. Naturally, we informed him of this, the fact that we don't know how to operate the timer properly and of the fact that we won't always be around to let him know. Even when we are home we may not be cognizant of the fact that the sprinkler is atinklin' and therefore can't be held accountable for his precious Dodge being doused.
It is anyone's guess as to whether this will work on its own, which is why we push on with the cameras-

This week, a birdhouse shrouds the unblinking eyes of technology (err... our Swann camera 3):

We used wood that we pulled from our old closet when we made it into a walk-in. In addition to wood you will need:

  • Wood glue

  • Screws

  • Peeled grapes

  • Drill bit set

  • We used an air nailer but you can just wait for glue to dry if you have a bit of time

  • A hole saw that attaches to your drill

  • A drill

  • Some kind of saw- (don't be jealous of our table saw)

We laid everything out and used a t-square in an unconventional way to get aour 90 degree roof pitch. This meant that we didn't have to cut any funny angles- we just butt up the edges.

Then we cut that out according to our needs: the box is about 8" deep, 6" wide and 8" tall- the roof, the roof, the roof is much longer to shade the potentially reflective camera face. Then we dry fit all the parts together to make sure they fit- they didn't- we made adjustments.

Then we glued and nailed everything together on top, using the bottom piece as the access panel. We then got a 2" dia. hole saw and drilled into the front face at a slight upward angle:

Then we mounted the camera using the regular hardware so we can get maximum adjustment range after hanging it under the eaves of the house:

That is purty much it:

Next we will paint it the color of the house.
Each of the ideas that we have used to hook this party up is meant to be blended into the house in a way that will not arouse suspicion. The owl in the first, the floodlight in the second. There are some schools of thought that shy away from the hidden aspect in favor of telegraphing your intentions- an honest approach. The problem is; we do not wish to create a neighborhood of spies by encouraging others to set up cameras and making everyone paranoid- we just want to be more aware of what is happening around us and prevent any unecessary transgressions.

See you next time for the fourth and final camera hookup.

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