Swanning About: 10 Swan DIY Projects & Ideas

published Jul 22, 2016
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If it wasn’t for the grounding influence of the Apartment Therapy editors, this post would probably be 10 DIY Björk Swan Dress Swimsuits To Wear On Your Swan Pool Float, so you have them to thank for this collection of planters, cake toppers, headbands, straws—and the most amazing donuts ever.

I know I just said I don’t like feathers near my food—that includes drinks—but I couldn’t resist these. They’re just so over the top: silver straws, feathers, and glitter!

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

This project uses those little swan favors you might see at party or dollar stores, but for something a bit more regal, you could keep an eye out at thrift stores for swan-shaped Avon perfume bottles—they have crowns!

(Image credit: Minted)

I would have rocked this headband when I was in elementary school, and I have at least one friend who would rock the hell out of it today. So fun!

(Image credit: Maggie Holmes Design)

This simple and flexible project combines three things I love: organization, oversized things, and button makers. Make them for yourself and all your like-minded friends.

(Image credit: Aww, Sam)

These are the most amazing thing ever and if you have more patience and willpower than I do, you should make them immediately.

(Image credit: A Subtle Revelry)

These cuties would be great for your favorite ballerina’s birthday cake, as long as said ballerina doesn’t share my discomfort with having feathers—even faux ones—anywhere near food.

(Image credit: Mer Mag)

This is technically a swan Valentine box, designed to hold sweet heart-shaped cards, but it’s too cool to be limited to a once-a-year appearance. I’m not sure how you or your child would put one to use, but I do know that you need one.

(Image credit: Fête Gazette)

Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I love those classic wafer cookies, and now think they should all come in origami-inspired shapes.

(Image credit: Maize Hutton)

This project is a bit older, but I had to show you because it’s so clever, quick, and cheap, with just the perfect amount of delicious tackiness. Pick up a plastic swan planter at the hardware store or a garage sale, thread a string of lights through the drain hole, and you’ve got a gracefully glowing swan.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Swan Micro Landscape/Terrarium by You

Speaking of tacky! This photo is designed to sell these teeny resin swans—available from Amazon and lots of other retailers—but I know that you’re all clever enough to figure out how to create your own mini swan lake.