DIY: Table of Light, Warm But Not Bright

DIY: Table of Light, Warm But Not Bright

Mar 19, 2008

The 20-Watt Halogen Low Voltage Accent Light Kit is made by a lot of different companies in a lot of different configurations. We got a three puck design from Home Depot and installed it, along with a hidden power strip, into our bedroom table.

We weren't looking for anything to read by, just some ambience and something to get dressed with. The bedroom is a place that needs to stay Zen for peace of mind so we didn't want to have a bunch of wires and lamps cluttering up the place.

The first thing we realized [when we finally made it through the clamshell packaging] was that the screws were a little long for mounting into the very thin table. This is an IKEA table that we picked up at a thrift store for $5 so the idea of going out and buying special hardware seemed a luxury and not worth the trouble. Some quick rummaging around in the garage produced a perfectly sized plank of MDF. This little darlin' also allayed our fears of creating hot spots on the mounting points of the lights.

There was really no mounting procedure other than to drive the long screws through the MDF into the bottom of the table. We did drill pilot holes through the MDF to avoid cracking it, but basically two screws per light cup did the trick. No glue or incantations necessary. The wires coming out of all the lights have actual plugs on them so no special wire connections were needed. We nailed the wires to the MDF with the included cable nail-in clips and then bound them up with the wire ties that had originally packaged them. This is all invisible once the table is standing right side up so no need to get picky here.

Once the lights were in we really wanted to hide cell phone chargers and audio equipment cables that frequent the area. An upside down mounted power strip seemed the most bestest solution. We had to carve out the mountin' holes on the powerstrip with some ol' fashioned whittlin' skills since they would not allow the screw heads to pass through initially.

The switch for the lamps was located on the left front quadrant of the table as that is the area reached first when entering the room and the exact spot recommended by our Feng Shui Consultant. It is super easy to find in the dark and is completely invisible unless you're lying under the table.

A reused table and some inexpensive lighting add up to a low cost/impact solution for bedroom illumination. The feeling is very relaxing and great for winding down at the end of the day. Pick up the 20-Watt Halogen Low Voltage Accent Light Kit at Home Depot or Amazon.

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