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DIY Training Chopsticks

published Aug 17, 2010
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Last night we had a special dinner with all four grandparents. Everyone was using chopsticks and of course the kids wanted to use them as well but we had forgotten our training chopsticks at home. After tracking down two rubberbands from the waitstaff, my husband and I quickly made two pairs of training chopsticks. We’ve all either done this ourselves or seen someone do it at an Asian restaurant.

There are several versions of DIY training chopsticks but they all involve a pair of disposable chopsticks, the paper wrapper they come in, and a rubber band. Simply wrap the rubber band around the top of the two separated chopsticks until tight. Then fold or roll the paper wrapper and insert between the two chopsticks. Make sure the wrapper is folded tightly. Some people wrap the rubber band around the wrapper as well (see picture above). Your creation may need a bit of adjustment depending on the age of your child but that’s it.

We forgot to snap a picture, but we noticed that Esther of Babycinno has tried this too at a Japanese restaurant.

Images: Babyccino