DIY: Turn Empty Tin Cans Into Hanging Lights

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a fun DIY project you can take on if you haven’t already started your own for our Jumpstart month. For the record, the thousand dollar prize is still up for grabs until the end of the month, so make sure you submit something today!

This clever yet simple conversion idea comes from Dutch magazine, 101 Woonideeën. While we’re not too sure what Woonideeen means (though it looks very similar to our AT blogs in Magazine form), the idea is what gets the gold here. Who would’ve thought one could create something so fun and creative from a couple of empty printed tin cans? Instructions can be had, after the jump.

From the Style-Files blog:

“To make the lights you need clean empty tins with a printed label (so no paper label) and a fitting with cable and a plug. Create (with a drill) an opening for the fitting through the top of the tin and pull the fitting through this opening. Then you only need to put a bulb into the fitting and your lamp is ready to shine!”

We’d also like to add that you need to make sure to use a low-heat bulbs if you’re using it for kitchen table lighting and an even brighter bulb if you’re looking into using it for reading. Otherwise, keep it warm and simple, selecting tins that help define you (as strange as that sounds), and we’re sure you’ll have a blast with it.

Here’s the original DIY link if anyone wants to translate any particular details we may have missed in the simplified instructions found above.