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Before and After: This Closet Makeover Goes from Cluttered to Clear

published Nov 1, 2018
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(Image credit: Pink Little Notebook)

If you need closet inspiration or just a soothing image to gaze at for a moment, this is the closet makeover for you. See how this walk-in went from disorganized to dreamy in just three weekends.

But first, some words from this closet’s owner, who had this to say about the space before:

This space was dark, disorganized, and cluttered. It barely stayed neat and the constant mess made me feel like I had nothing to wear.

(Image credit: Pink Little Notebook)

I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to walk into this closet every morning. I hope Sabrina Scrivo of Pink Little Notebook, who owns this closet and is responsible for this makeover, feels similarly tranquil and inspired.

The crucial thing about this closet renovation is that even if there were twice as many pieces of clothing and they were packed closer together, it would still look great thanks to the unified palette of white and gold, the matching hangers, and the cubbies for each category (dresses, long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, skirts/pants, and so on).

Sometimes closet renovations only seem to work because two-thirds of the clothes were removed, but this one actually makes far better use of the space. In the closet before, all of the space above the bar was wasted, occupied only by a low jumble of shoes, hats, and pants.

Here’s what it took to go from cluttered to clear:

The closet built took us three weekends to complete. We did it all by ourselves and constructed our closet units out of plywood. We used gold closet rods and matching hangers to add a bit of luxury to our all-white palette. The materials and supplies cost us just under $1K. We saved ourselves huge bucks. If we had to hire someone, we would be looking at $10K+.

Sabrina used plywood from Lowe’s and Benjamin Moore standard white paint. Bed Bath & Beyond has white velvet and gold hangers, while Amazon has wooden ones and brass closet rods that looks a lot like the ones used here.

As someone who is deeply envious of this closet, I am pleased to know that Sabrina appreciates it fully:

I would do nothing differently. I feel like I’m walking into a personal boutique made for me! Having an organized closet is life-changing.

Sabrina has encouraging words for all of us:

If you’re looking at this project and thinking, “There is no shot I can make something like this.” Let me tell you, we’re no experts either. We only have two DIY carpentry projects under our belt. If you’re a newbie at these types of projects (like us), start with something small to get a feel for it. Once you create one project, you will definitely have the confidence to tackle bigger things. The time and energy is so worth it!

Thank you, Sabrina Scrivo of Pink Little Notebook!