DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you are a wine drinker who saves your corks for projects but is tired of homemade trivets and trays, then this DIY wine cork bathmat might be an appealing way to reuse all those corks. Crafter Monica Ewing took her inspiration from a CB2 cork bathmat that was too large for her small bathroom, and used her stash of wine corks to create a unique mat custom designed to fit her space.

Monica collected the necessary 175 corks thanks to wine tastings at Sunset Magazine; if you don’t have a built in source like that, try contacting local restaurants or vineyards (if there are any in your area) and asking them for assistance. Collecting the corks looks to be the most complicated part of the project which basically involves gluing the halved corks onto non-stick shelf liner.

If you would like to see the complete instructions, check out the Monica’s original post over on Craftynest and the follow up where she addresses the question of sealing the cork.