DIY Your Own Minimalist Entryway

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We talk a great deal about landing strips (especially during the Home Cure) and the importance of a proper entry into your home, but finding something that doesn’t compete with other furnishings (especially in small spaces) can be a challenge. If you’re struggling in the world of retail, try making own, just like the homeowner above.

Although some entryways are large enough to handle heavy furniture, this light bright area would have been brought down by something of that nature. So like any good bargain hunter, Angela Ferdig set out to make her own. After heading to a reclaimed wood dealer, she left with an 11 foot board… or rather one 6 foot piece and one 5 foot piece (to be used outdoors later on this season). After a visit to our favorite,, she had 4 new legs to attach to it.

We think it’s a fabulous look that pairs nicely with the slim and trim coat hooks and a pair of baskets to catch belongings in. Remember DIY doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires inspiration and looking outside of your normal retailers to make something truly special and original for your home.

Thanks Angela!

(Images: Angela Ferdig)

Originally published on AT:Boston