D-Listed Decor: The Worst of Craigslist

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m gonna bust a bit of nepotism here and point out my younger sister’s hilarious website, D-Listed Decor, a blog dedicated to all the wondrous “Umm, no thanks” finds from Craigslist…

Sarah describes her site:

“I recently moved in with my boyfriend, Tim. We’ve been searching for the perfect sofa and other pieces to complete our new apartment together, and since we don’t have tons of money to spend on furniture, Craigslist has been one of our main sources for decent, affordable furnishings. If you scour the site everyday, you can come across some great finds. But you also inevitably come across some real hideous pieces that make you wonder why they were ever made, who in their right mind would buy them in the first place and most importantly, who would buy them off on Craigslist.

After my friend and co-worker moved in with her boyfriend, she also became a Craigslist furniture junkie. She and I would send each other links to the worst Craiglist finds of the day. I suggested that she start a blog to capture these gems for everyone else to enjoy. When she wasn’t it, I decided it was up to me, and that’s when D-listed Decor came into existence. So far I’ve come across some pretty detestable designs, but I’m still waiting for the ugliest of ugly to rear it’s head. I’d love to see something so garish that even the seller has to admit it’s gross. Until then, my favorite posts are the ones that exaggerate how great, modern and beautiful a furniture piece is, but the attached photo is undeniable proof of the complete opposite.”

The doctor’s examining table gives us chills just imagining who’d want that in their home.