Do Our Children Expect Too Much for Christmas?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we prepare for our first Christmas as parents, my husband and I have faced what is inevitably many parents’ dilemma come this time of year: how much should we spend on our daughter’s Christmas gifts? My husband, who loves shopping and gift-giving for any and every occasion, is married to his polar opposite in that department. It will take some work (and maybe even a few Christmases) to find the right balance between overindulging her and being too thrifty.

Kristen over at the frugal girl approaches this quandary from a different angle, asking readers to weigh in on what she believes is the question we should be asking: are my children grateful for what they receive for Christmas?

Kristen’s point of view is interesting: we should be focusing on how our children react to what they receive, she says, rather than on how much we spend or what gifts we give them. She offers tips for establishing realistic expectations with our children to ensure that they are grateful come Christmas morning.

Her post has opened up an interesting discussion in the comments and invites us to ponder: have we set up our children to expect too much for Christmas? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments how your family has found the right balance on Christmas morning.

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