Do You Do a Special Clean Up For Visitors or Just Go With the Flow?

Do You Do a Special Clean Up For Visitors or Just Go With the Flow?

Alysha Findley
Oct 30, 2012

When you know guests are coming over, do you go around and clean your house to make it perfectly presentable, or are you comfortable showing how you really live with no apologies?

I am of the former camp, not because I am completely anal, well maybe a little of that too, but because this was ingrained in me as a child. I was the so-called "maid" of the house and got very good at cleaning a three story home at a phone call's notice. I have brought this habit with me into adulthood, and as annoying as it is I couldn't imagine being any other way. I just think it's nice to have your home all pretty for your guests to make them feel comfortable during their time with you. We all know it's fun to peek into people's private lives, but I'd rather have them focus on our time together than all of the crap I have hanging around. No one needs to know what a slob I can really be; I'm certainly not proud of it. But even with all this said, part of me does wish that I could let people into a normal day's mess without feeling anxiety or judgement. So many people do without thinking twice. I think it could be quite freeing.

How do you out there feel about this? Can you let go and let it all show, or do you present your best home to your guests?

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