Do The Step Test To Know When To Water Your Lawn

Do The Step Test To Know When To Water Your Lawn

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 24, 2010

Although many of us are in apartments that don't require the maintenance of a yard or green space, there are those who spend a great deal of time each weekend maintaining their lawn, big or small. Do you know when the right time to water is? Plants are easy — is the soil dry? Then water! Grass on the other hand, well not so fast!

Lawns are tricky things. They can feel like they require an exhaustive supply of resources and materials to maintain. When it comes to watering most know your grassy patches do require supplemental help from the hose, but how much, how often or by what method creates the least amount of waste?

To start, test your lawn by walking on it. It will tell you all by itself if it needs water. If the grass bounces back a few steps later, then things are just fine. If your footprints stay halfway or all the way down, then it's time to drag out the hose — though we suggest checking to see if rain is in the forecast first!

If you see water running off your lawn or puddles forming then you're using too much water at too fast of rate. Go ahead and turn the faucet down a little. The lawn can only use the water it soaks up and even if it's scorching hot and dry, it will still take a bit to absorb a tasty drink.

Don't be afraid to move your water source around, try setting a timer inside the house for 45 minutes. Relocate the hose each time it sounds until you've given your whole yard a refreshing cool down. It will help with run off and ensure every blade gets a taste of that sweet H20!

(Image: Flickr member Matt McGee licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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