Do These 3 Things Before Making Any Design Decision

Do These 3 Things Before Making Any Design Decision

Adrienne Breaux
May 9, 2015

You might be struggling between two design choices — not sure how to proceed, a little paralyzed about where to go next. Or you might be on the precipice of making a huge decision to do something design drastic. Whatever your mindset going into a design decision, pause before anything final gets decided to do these three things first. You just might make a better choice and be happier with your decision in the end.

Create a visual pros and cons list

Before any big design decision, it's worth making a list of the pros and cons of each possibility so you can get all those thoughts out of your head and organized on paper. This old trick can help making any kind of decision easier. But don't stop at just a couple of columns of written words. After making your pros and cons lists for each possible choice, draw a big bubble and a small bubble for each choice on the chopping block. Then reorganize your list of pros and cons into the bubbles: The pros or cons that seem the biggest or the most important go in the big bubble. The less-important seeming pros and cons go in the small bubble. Do this for each possible choice. Then, step away and see which choice has the big bubble with the most pros. This might help you understand not just all the pros and cons associated with a design decision, but also the ones that will have the biggest impact on your home and life.

Get at the heart of why you're making a design decision

Sometimes when it gets down to decision time, we've forgotten why the decision is on the table to begin with. Do you really want to knock that wall down, or is that just an idea you thought of before you moved in and really lived in the space? Do you really want to paint your walls a bold color or are you doing it because you got insecure about how neutral colored your space is (even though you love it). It sounds like a lot of work — and maybe even a little unnecessary — to hunt down the true motivation behind a design decision you're facing, but knowing the real why of the matter will help you know which choice is right for you (even if it turns out that you don't need to make a choice after all).

Promise to not look back or drown in what-ifs

No matter what you decide, promise that you'll go forward and not drown in what-ifs. Once a design decision is made, it's time to load up on confidence and trudge forward without looking back. Even if you're feeling good about your design decision, the more challenging or bold the design, the more of a chance insecurity might creep into the process. Let too much uncertainty in, and you might not even like the end result when you're finished. So keep doubt in check by not allowing yourself to question your decision, staying true to the original choice, re-looking over your pro bubble and remind yourself why you made the design decision in the first place.

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