Do UV Pitchers Really Work?

Do UV Pitchers Really Work?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 9, 2010

Q: I've started seeing more and more of these UV water-filtering pitchers that use electricity to zap the water to make it "super" pure. Does this really work? I kind of feel like it's just wasting more electricity than anything.

A: Good question, Angie!

We're big on water filters here (you can check out our roundup of non-electricity-wasting water filters) so this topic is one we've been keeping a keen eye on over the past few months.

Given that regular filters simply get rid of heavy metals, chlorine, and big stuff like sand, we can see why zapping that tap might be a good idea. If your water cleaning plant suddenly has a rupture and starts spewing sewage into clean water tubes, then yes, a water filter with the addition of a UV ray would be an excellent choice. But given the amount of bugs and dust in the air (sorry to make any clean freaks out there squirmish), we feel it's pretty pointless to invest in that extra layer of protection, especially if you've been perfectly healthy after drinking the water from tap all these years.

However, if you're still interested, we won't stop you. Above, we have the Homedics Restore Clean Water System ($70). It uses both the traditional filter system and combines it with UV tech. Zap away!

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