Do You Buy New Tech Before a Big Event?

Do You Buy New Tech Before a Big Event?

Taryn Williford
Feb 2, 2010

Remember our friend who was hosting a Super Bowl party despite not having the best setup of the group? Well it turns out he's buying a new TV this week: A 42" 1080p that he got at a steal.

He had already been thinking about getting a new TV, but it was the decision to host the Super Bowl party that actually got him up and out to the big box stores to grab it.

It got us thinking about whether any of our readers find themselves in similar situations:

I'm definitely guilty of making tech upgrades before I have people over. If I've been thinking hard about getting a Wii (and I can afford it...), why not splurge before I have my out-of-town friends crash for the weekend?

It's a great way to break in a new toy, don't you think? Let us know in the comments...

(Image: Flickr user culturalelite under license from Creative Commons.)

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