Do You Do Each Other's Laundry?

Do You Do Each Other's Laundry?

Tess Wilson
Oct 4, 2013

Moving in together can mean cooking for each other, taking care of each other when someone's sick, and doing all sorts of other sweet and practical things for each other. But does it mean doing each other's laundry?

Few other chores are as potentially fraught as laundry: which things need to be hand-washed? Which can be washed in a regular cycle, and which need to be coddled with low temperatures and delicate cycles? What, oh what, can be dried in the dryer and what absolutely must be hung or laid flat to dry? And what sorts of unmentionables might we want to keep private, even from our beloved partners?

I do most of the laundry currently, but I let my partner know that I like all my clothes washed on cold and dried on low. Anything that needs to be hand-washed and line-dried is kept out of the hamper and I do it myself, so there's no need for anyone to worry about wrecking something delicate. I do not for a second expect anyone else to do any of my laundry, but voicing preferences can help you do things for each other in a way that really helps. I treat my partner's clothes just as respectfully as I treat my own and do my best to honor any preferences.

If you do each other's laundry, has it ever led to problems? If you don't, why not? To maintain a bit of a mystique, to avoid inadvertently wrecking each other's clothes, to maintain independence, or because you don't want someone to feel like they have to do your laundry as carefully as you like to have it done? And what about if you live with roommates rather than a romantic partner?

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