Do You Ever Fast?

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We know what you’re thinking: “You’ve already asked us if we could eat on $25 a week and told us how to save money in our cooking. Now you want us give up food altogether?” Is the economy looking that grim?

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We know plenty of people who fast on religious holidays that require it. We also know people who do it voluntarily, on occasion, as a way to focus their attention on a specific issue or concern.

Some companies have a yearly program where they ask employees to skip lunch and give the money they’d normally spend on it to charity. (Hey! You could do that today and give $5 to help us fund this classroom’s cookbook project.) And yes, it is a way to save money on a meal—especially a more expensive one you might eat in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night.

Even if fasting is not your cup of tea (we’d say tea’s allowed, by the way), just cutting out meat and going vegetarian one or two nights a week is good for the planet and good for your wallet. Or, make half as much food and split it with a friend or significant other. See how full you feel. Maybe you can get by on less.

We’re curious. Do any of you fast every once in a while?

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