Do You Find Parts Of Home Renovation Cathartic?

Do You Find Parts Of Home Renovation Cathartic?

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 19, 2010

I spent the better part of last night mudding and taping my new bathroom walls. This was a big step in my month as for the last 4 weeks we've either had no walls surrounding our main floor bathroom (which happens to be the only one operational right now), or studs waiting for some love (which sounds like a whole other post all together). My husband left the job up to me, not because he has better things to do, but because I seriously love to mud! Love it!

Through all the hustle and bustle to find green materials for our renovation, the whole process has felt like one big headache. But that all fades away in my own personal experiences when it comes time to drywall. There's something about the repetitive wax on, wax off motion that keeps me quite entertained. The act of making everything smooth and air bubble free, it's like this challenge that requires a certain balance of patience, pressure and attention that when they all meet at the same time, you have this lovely wall, ready to prime and paint.

I remember helping my parents renovate their basement when I was younger and the mudding and taping was always my favorite part. They looked at it as my chore and I couldn't have been happier. I am however also the person who likes towels to line up perfectly and counts how many of the same color car are at an intersection at any one time. I like pattern and order and that's what this diy task affords me.

Is there part of the construction or renovation process that soothes your soul? Share your thoughts on this experience below!

Image: Flickr member Velo Steve licensed for use by Creative Commons

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