Do You Give Your Gadgets & Gear Names?

Do You Give Your Gadgets & Gear Names?

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 27, 2010

Even though we'd like to think we can separate ourselves from our gadgets and gizmos, the truth of the matter is, more often than not they're our right hand man (or um woman). No matter where we're going we always have our DSLR, iPod and at least one device with internet access. They're almost like children to us (though don't yield the same tax breaks) which is why we're secure in giving them their own names.

Now before we start to sound a little crazy, just because we love the convenience they bring to our life, doesn't mean we read them a story before bed!

We do however give our personal items names because it feels silly day in and day out to call something by it's company given name when it's so customized to our day to day activities.

Sure, friends look at us funny at first when we say we'll be right there, we just have to pack up Lucinda (our Cannon DSLR) and Johnny (our iPod).

Are you a little bit odd like we are, or would you rather just stick to their given names, even if they're a little boring?

(Image: Too-Hectic)

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