Do You Have a "Go-To Color" For Gadgets?

Do You Have a "Go-To Color" For Gadgets?

Taryn Williford
Feb 20, 2009

Ever since iPod marketed the iPod Mini back in early 2004 with an option to purchase in silver, gold, pink, blue or green, all kinds of gadgets have gotten a lot more colorful. Apple still rocks with their iPod Shuffle having 5 hue choices and iPod Nano famously giving you nine fully saturated options, but gadgets like television sets are starting to come out in color and for gadgets that don't, there's always the option for cases and skins. But our question is... Do you gravitate to one color? Or mix it up like a bag of Skittles?

We always like to go with the classic gadget colors of silver, gray or black even when we get a choice. The TV is gray/silver and our cell is gray with a black silicon skin.

Our iPod color of choice? White. It's an old iPod! We didn't have a choice! If we were buying a Nano tomorrow, We'd probably pick the charcoal gray.

So you new it was coming, Unplggd: What's your go-to gadget color?

[ Images from Ross Mayfield and .laurie. @Flickr ]

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