Do You Have a Vision Board?

Do You Have a Vision Board?

Tara Bellucci
Jul 2, 2013

I'm no stranger to collaging. In middle school, my three-ring binders were plastered in colorful clippings from Seventeen and Jane. In AP English, we had to put together a poster that told the story of who we were — my mother keeps this mixed media masterpiece hanging in my old bedroom. And a little while ago, after weeks of collecting images, I finally sat down to create a vision board, a project that's taken much more time than I imagined, but already feels worth it. Do you have one?

Though mine features some home and décor images, the vision board I'm talking about isn't a style traymood board, or hard-copy version of Pinterest — it's my dreams for the future. 

The SecretOprah, and others have popularized vision boards as a way to utilize the Law of Attraction. By creating a visual image of your goals, your subconscious internalizes them and helps turn them into reality. Jen Sincero, author of the awesome no-nonsense self-help book, You Are A Badass, calls the process of creating a vision board "a craft day with God." 

Whether or not you believe in the G-man, the idea that action borne from positive energy will attract good things is definitely appealing. Realizing that you bought the exact home from your vision board or that it's given you the motivation to plan a trip to your dream destination is a pretty great reward for the cost of a poster board and a glue stick.

Never created a vision board and want to? I suggest resisting the urge to print stuff from the Internet. Clipping from magazines add a lovely dose of serendipity. I took my time and ripped out any page that I had an emotional reaction to. I had more clippings than space on my board, so I only used the ones I felt most drawn to while gluing. 

Once you're done, hang the board where you'll see it. My vision board is currently in my bedroom, where it's the first and last thing I see each day. 

Do you have a vision board? 

(Image: Tara Bellucci)

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