Do You Have An Established Holiday Hiding Spot?

Do You Have An Established Holiday Hiding Spot?

Tess Wilson
Dec 13, 2013

When you gather holiday, birthday, and just-because gifts, do you have a safe place you can stash them? Does your household know that in any birthday month, the closet is off-limits? Or would officially establishing a hiding spot prove too tempting to certain recipients, so you take your chances that nobody will look in your sock drawer?

Here's how we're handling it this year: I have a giant paper bag in the closet that I've gradually been filling with gifts. The presents for the members of my household are all the way at the bottom, covered by gifts for aunts and uncles and grandparents. My partner has commandeered a closet in the basement, and I am to consider it off-limits. We have separate accounts, so we don't have to worry about Buying Gifts While Sharing An Account, as explored on The Billfold. None of us are too keen on ruining surprises, so we don't have to hide things too carefully, but I get that certain families might need a bit more security and subterfuge!

During the rest of the year, I squirrel away gifts either in my ultra-miscellaneous bin, assuming nobody wants to paw through all my junk, or at the back of my sock drawer, figuring that even if someone puts my clean socks away, they won't dig around. How carefully- if at all- do you hide your gifts?

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