Do You Have any Fitness Tech in Your Home?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our friend just moved out of her tiny apartment into a big house across town. Next to closing costs and a new mailbox, among her “necessary” first-home expenses was a treadmill. Us, enjoying Wii Fit in our (very) small, cool place had an impossible time imagining owning such a big, expensive piece of home tech. Now we’re wondering, do you have any fitness tech in your home?

If you’ve got a history of rentals, it’s possible (maybe even likely) that you’ve been spoiled—don’t laugh! Many apartment communities have gym equipment for their tenants to use, saving them hundreds of dollars a year in gym memberships.

That was the case for our friend, who suddenly found her fit little self without her favorite piece of fitness gear—a treadmill. Rather than throw away cash each month on a gym membership (and the gas to get there) or—gasp!—run outside, she’s opting to take on the multi-thousand-dollar investment of a run-in-place conveyor belt machine.

Us? We don’t have the cash or the space for serious fitness equipment, no matter how bad we want it. We’ll stick with our fits-under-the-TV-stand Wii Fit.

But we want to know if any of you readers own serious fitness tech. Where do you store it? Does it effect your utility bills? Would you get one if you had the room? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Flickr user SashaW under license from Creative Commons.)