Do You Regularly Freak Out With a Tech OCD?

Do You Regularly Freak Out With a Tech OCD?

Jason Yang
Jul 8, 2011

My brother is completely anal about the placement of his keyboard and mousepad. He's got them set in exacts position on his desk. Move either just a fraction of an inch and he'll freak out, which I mistakenly did yesterday. I suggested using tape to mark the corners so he could reset them easily. I'm guilty of some of my own Tech OCDs, and you may be too!

Me personally, I absolutely cannot have my second computer monitor on my right - it has to be on my left. It's as if my head can't turn to the right and stay there and function. This means though that in every room setup the desk has to be positioned such that the monitors can go to the left.

I also have to click the "screen off" button on my iPhone, even though it's set to go off automatically in a few minutes. Sure, I could say I'm doing it to save on the battery life, but really I just can't stand the idea of not being able to visually confirm the screen going off. The vibrate only / sound off gets me too - I toggle it off and then on and off again, then constantly press down on it again and again - "just to be sure" it's off.

How about you? What are your tech OCDs and what are your tips for handling it?

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