Do You Hide New Tech, to Make Room for Vintage Tech?

Do You Hide New Tech, to Make Room for Vintage Tech?

Sonia Zjawinski
Jul 21, 2010

As we continue to work on our new space here on the central California coast, we've noticed an obsession with hiding modern gadgets, such as our internet radio tucked behind a framed photo, while proudly displaying old stuff, like a vintage SLR and a pair of old school binoculars on the mantle. We aren't the only ones.

Today's Apartment Therapy New York house tour showed a couple who was happy to put their original Nintendo Entertainment System up front and center, while the rest of their media center is relatively hidden from view (sorry, don't have a clear shot of their full set-up, but you can catch some glimpses here)

What is it about old technology that makes some of us treat it like a decor element? Our theory is two-fold. In some cases, old technology features amazing design elements that are no longer found in newer incarnations. The amount of detailed craftsmanship that went into an SLR, for example, begs to be shown off.

Other old school tech just happens to have a large nostalgia quotient. It's not like the NES is a particularly beautiful box, but for anyone who grew up begging their parents for one, and then mashing the controller until their fingers cramped, well, all those amazing memories come back with a simple glimpse at that gray and red bastard.

How many of you are tucking your DVD players and printers in cabinets, yet spotlighting old typewriters, cameras, or even computers?

Images: Gregory Sparks via ATNY

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