Do You Keep Your Vacation Habits, Or Do You Revert?

Do You Keep Your Vacation Habits, Or Do You Revert?

Cambria Bold
Jun 13, 2011

Today is my first day back at work after a two-week vacation, during which time I endeavored to "tweak" my personal habits and become better, healthier, and more balanced. I tried to stay off the internet (I didn't succeed entirely, but I tried!), I practiced yoga in the morning, took long walks, and read for hours at a time. I spent time with loved ones and did some volunteer work in my community. After two weeks I felt great, having finally caught a glimpse of that elusive person I want to be—the one who has all her ducks in a row, who doesn't let the frenetic pace of New York get her down. But now I'm back, and Monday morning dawned with a familiar routine. And it didn't start off well...

I planned to wake up early to have time for yoga, a leisurely breakfast, and an hour of quiet reading and writing. And while I did wake up early, it was because my upstairs neighbor was clomping around in her heels. But instead of getting out of bed and working out my frustration with a vinyasa flow, I spent the next hour and a half fuming in bed, only to get up finally with 25 minutes left to get out the door and to the subway.

Sigh. The vacation is indeed over.

How do you cope with re-entry post vacation? Do you have tips for keeping your renewed outlook on life? Or do you just fall right back into your old routine?

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