Do You Keep "Just In Case" Old Tech Around the House?

Do You Keep "Just In Case" Old Tech Around the House?

Taryn Williford
Aug 18, 2010

Lately, there's been tons of emphasis on living simple lives with less stuff. We're starting to feel like a bit of a pack rat for keeping the things we don't need—well, right now anyways. We've made a habit of keeping our old tech, just in case we need a backup for the new stuff. Is there anybody else out there like us?

In my kitchen junk drawer is an old pay-as-you-go phone. It's leftover from a former apartment—my first in a new town, and where I needed a local phone number for my guests to buzz me at the door.

Even though I'm a few moves removed from that phone (and now sporting a local "404" cell number), it's made the cut through several de-cluttering clean sweeps. Why? Well, I keep it around just in case my main iPhone dies and leaves me.

Is there anybody else like me? Somebody who stashed their slow-but-functional 2004 PowerBook in the closet after an upgrade to a new MacBook?

Or would you rather recycle, sell or give away your old tech? Go ahead and leave a comment!

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