Do You Know Where Your Recycled Goods are Going?

Do You Know Where Your Recycled Goods are Going?

Taryn Williford
May 7, 2010

When the hair straightener dies or a beloved computer goes kaput (let's share a moment of silence for my beloved 2004 PowerBook, Victoria), we know the best thing to do is find an e-waste recycler. But what happens from there? Is it stripped for working parts? Melted down? Shipped to a third-world country? Actually, each situation is possible depending on where you send it.

Here at Unplggd, we've pointed you to a few different resources for recycling your old stuff—for everything from cell phones to computers.

But it's true that all three of the options mentioned above are possibilities for the "what comes next" of e-waste recycling. That's why many in-the-know are pushing for regulation of the e-recycling industry and the development of a label system to let consumers know what's up.

A Popular Mechanics article, The Ever-Changing Landscape of E-Waste Recycling, details how industry leaders and environmental groups are trying to push for recycling certifications.

If you're unsure of exactly what to do with your old tech today, the article sheds a little light on Responsible Recycling (R2), a voluntary standard for e-waste that's already in place. I'll surely be checking it out for Victoria's funeral.

Via Popular Mechanics

(Image: Flickr user NotoriousJEN under license from Creative Commons.)

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