Do You Leave Remote Directions for Guests?

Do You Leave Remote Directions for Guests?

Taryn Williford
Sep 2, 2009

Our friend, a meticulous planner, is leaving her three-year-old with a non-grandma sitter for the first time ever. As you might assume, she's got a binder ready with all the information for the sitter. Included in that binder, surprisingly, is instructions on how to operate the television remotes...

For those of us who rock a wicked (and wickedly complicated) home theater setup, just turning up the volume can be a challenge for the folks who aren't clicking those remotes every day.

Three seems to be the norm for remotes permanently on the coffee table—one for the TV, cable or satelite and the DVD player—but we've seen setups of four, five and even more as you add surround sound, digital music players and video game consoles. (Good thing there's so many stylish remote storage solutions!)

Do you just give them a quick in-person walk-through? Do you let them figure it out themselves? Or do you leave detailed remote instructions for houseguests and sitters?

If so, do you have a super-organized permanent manual like our new mom friend or do you just jot a note down on the fly? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Flickr member le licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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