Do You Leave Your Porch Light On?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While walking home tonight we noticed that our neighborhood is relatively dark. Out of the many homes we passed by only 4 had their porch light on. Are people conserving energy and leaving them off, or are times just changing? Weigh in on it after the jump…

If we lived in a big city where whole buildings had individual or entryway lights, this never would have occurred to us, but here in midwestern suburbia… it did.
In our younger years we remember our parents driving down the road, as we squinted our eyes slightly and all the porch lights would run together in one stream of light. It was rare that porch lights were off and those houses always seemed the creepiest.
But now, most of them remain dark even though there are people inside enjoying their evening. Should you leave it on in case random company stops by? Or a neighbor in distress shows up on your doorstep?
Or is it best to leave it off to conserve electricity and to give strangers the cold shoulder?
Give us your thoughts below?