Do You Make Guests Play By Your Tech Rules?

Do You Make Guests Play By Your Tech Rules?

Taryn Williford
Aug 2, 2010

We've developed a lot of quirks in the name of saving electricity and extending the life of our gadgets. We'll make sure we completely power off parts of our media center and always leave our laptop battery to discharge completely (myth or not, we play it safe). But we'd hardly expect a weekend guest to do the same, sometimes never even mentioning our house rules.

My boyfriend's sister visited this weekend from St. Louis and a wonderful time was had by all—probably because we were all enjoying ourselves in the beautiful weather rather than getting caught up in house rules.

Our weekend guest apologized the morning after a jet-lagged TV marathon for leaving our cable box on all night (we forgot to leave a remote control guide!). But we just shrugged it off and reminded her to make herself at home.

That's right—we don't impose our quirks on our guests.

We elect never to mention them and to make our guests feel at at home by ensuring their stay with us isn't like moving back in to Mom and Dad's. There's no rules, no curfew and you can even come home drunk if you want!

Not our rules. We like to fist pump Jersey-Shore style when we fart and use Macs.

But even when we're by ourselves, we're hardly sticklers about our rules. We know plenty of folk who are way more strict about unplugging unused phone chargers than we are.

So we want to know where you stand, readers: Do you give your guests free reign to mess with your pre-set air conditioner and break all your energy-saving rules?

Or do you lay out the rules in the name of saving money and staying green? Tell us in the comments!

(Top Image: Photoillustration. Inside Image: Flickr user mattdork under license from Creative Commons.)

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