Do You Make Yourself at Home at the Apple Store?

updated Jul 6, 2019
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When we asked about whether or not you’d pay for on-the-go charging, we got an answer we weren’t expecting: Why pay for public charging stations when there’s an Apple Store nearby? With their trendy music and endless array of devices and programs, the Apple Store is becoming a cyber cafe for their biggest fans.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Apple Store. You know, the chain of retail stores operated by the computer giant? They’re stores. That exist primarily to sell things, right?

Yes, but Apple has gone a long way to make sure that their stores have become a helpful haven for Mac Addicts.

Appleheads can stop in for a workshop or make an appointment for free tech support at the Genius Bar. So we’re not entirely surprised to hear that some of you are making yourselves at home at the Apple Store:

  • From reader Matt. M: “For the last 3.5 years being an iPhone user, the few times where I have to have juice, I’ve thankfully been nearby an Apple store. Pony up next to a charger and a computer, then surf/check email for a few minutes while your phone charges.
  • From reader jdcarms: “My favorite trick? Charging my iphone at the nearest apple store. Easy. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how close i am to them when i need it. 20 minutes of web surfing and you’re set for a while. It does look like you are stealing when you leave with your phone though.

What about the rest of you? Do you ever stop into the Apple Store to charge your phone or check your email?