Do You Manage Your TiVo Online or in Hand?

Do You Manage Your TiVo Online or in Hand?

Campbell Faulkner
Oct 20, 2010

We love our TiVo and use it daily. Realistically, we are addicted as we loathe commercials or being forced to watch our shows at a certain time of the evening. Part of the convenience of TiVo comes at the price of it needing to be actively managed. Follow the jump to hear our take on managing TiVo either online or by using the trusty peanut remote.

The new interface makes working with the season passed much easier. But we Still use the remote often and never seem to abandon it in fits of laziness.

TiVo is simple to set up and use. Over the years of our ownership, we have noticed that it takes so little attention to keep junk cleaned out and sett TiVo to record what we want to watch. The traditional way is to use the on screen tools to manage and move/delete things. This can become cumbersome when you have 82 season passes as we do. TiVo recently introduced the new online management feature in the hopes to simplify the previously difficult task. While bare bones, we like the ability to copy entire season pass lists to other TiVos and delete more than one season pass at a time. But when we are planted on the couch, fishing out a laptop just to change something is a little silly. This is why we have moved to a hybrid approach of managing our content.

Notice the interface difficulties, this makes it difficult to move and work with season passes.

We love the new copying feature, this makes buying and installing a new TiVo very easy.

What this really boils down to is another attempt by TiVo to add value to their boxes. We are not going to delve into the morass that is TiVo and its complexities, but TiVo is at least making some attempts to try and separate themselves from the now ubiquitous cable DVRs. Even still managing TiVo is a cumbersome process both online and through the remote. Thankfully managing things on the TiVo is infrequent enough to keep us from frustration. Through the added ease of scheduling things most of our irritation has been abated. The ultimate question is how do you manage your TiVo?

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