Do You Plug In Before Bed?

Do You Plug In Before Bed?

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 19, 2008

Two weeks ago there was a This American Life episode about sleep. The show covered why some people fear going to sleep -- bug infestations, paranoid daydreams, and extreme sleep walking disorders. In a few of the stories the authors mention reading up on sleep disorders and getting tips like, "don't watch TV before bed," or "don't use the Internet before bed." In one instance, GQ writer Joel Lovell responds with, "But isn't that when everyone pokes around the Internet or watches TV?"

As I type this, I'm laying in bed and it's 12:49 AM (god bless scheduled postings). I've noticed that it takes me longer to fall asleep if I've done just this before turning off the lights, but Joel has a point. Most of us catch up on personal emails or projects when we get home from work, and our time at the 'puter is further pushed back by dinner with the family or catching up with friends over drinks. If we aren't clacking away, we're in front of the TV trying (ironically) to decompress before bed. Worst of all, a lot of us watch the tube from the comfort of our own bed since we've placed a TV in the bedroom.

So my question is, how many of you use your gadgets before bed? And how many of you suffer in the sleep department because of it? Is this a modern old wive's tale?

Do any of you have rituals before going to bed to Luddite yourselves?

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